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Summer 2013 Program Announced!

Summer 2013 at the Italy Center

That’s right everyone–the summer 2013 program has been announced. We have all the details for the program here and feel free to apply when you are done reading as we are now accepting applications!

Summer 2013 Program Flyer

The summer program has undergone some changes this year as part of our continued effort to create mission drive programming for our students. The program this year will be a one session program as opposed to the two separate sessions we offered last summer. This year participants will guaranteed 12 days of social justice travel to both the Balkans region (8 days) and the Italian Alps (4 days) as those costs are now folded into the overall program fees. We want to be certain that students are experiencing our social justice travel programs as part of their short summer session. Since the two trips have been folded into the summer session, it now runs approximately 6 1/2 weeks but students can still be back in the US by June 27th.

The academic options this year are similar to the ones we offered last year:

  • Art History 311: Renaissance to Modern Art
  • Italian 101: Elementary Italian (4 hrs/day)
  • Italian 381: Intermediate or Advanced Italian
  • Philosophy 214: Environmental Ethics
  • Theology 261: World Religions
  • Social Science 295: Human Rights and Global Change (service learning course; 30-100 service hrs

Again, we are now accepting applications so please apply now if you are interested! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the program.

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