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Summer Online Options

Summer 2023

Online Courses

May 10, 2023 – June 21, 2023 

At Spring Hill College Italy Center, we offer a discounted tuition rate for summer undergraduate courses. This rate is offered to transient students, as well as current students who are located in the United States.

Interested non-SHC students must submit a Transient Application for acceptance into the courses. Please note students can participate in online courses if they are participating the 6 credit-hour Traditional Summer Session.

Course Offerings

Italian 201: Intermediate Italian

The primary goal of this course is to advance students in the Italian language. Aspects of teaching will entail: reading, analysis and class discussion of texts (articles, songs, short stories), oral presentations, based on research on the newspapers, writing homework assignments (compositions, essays, journal). This course is entirely conducted in Italian. Emphasis will be placed on developing speaking, listening – comprehension, reading and writing expressions and grammar sufficient to support these.

Theology 261: World Religions

A study of religious faith as a central fact of history and world culture through a reflective interpretation of major historical and theological documents. The course deals with millenary traditions, such as Abrahamic monotheisms (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam), the many faces of Hinduism, the origins of Buddhist spirituality and ethics, some traditional African cults and traditional Chinese religions.


$399.00 per credit hour