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University of Bologna

The University of Bologna

As a student enrolled in the Spring Hill College Italy Center, one cannot help but to be inspired and influenced by the University of Bologna’s presence. Founded in 1088, the University of Bologna is the oldest existing university in Europe, and was an important center of European intellectual life during the Middle Ages, attracting scholars from throughout Christendom.

Noteworthy students from centuries past included Dante, Pope Nicholas V, Petrarch and Copernicus. Today, the University’s 23 faculties, 68 departments, and 93 libraries are spread across the city.

With 100,000 students attending the University of Bologna, Italy Center students will learn very quickly how central the large student population is to the city of Bologna at large. Every day, every night there is something for students to get involved in–theatre, art galleries, concerts, conferences, outdoor events, and the list goes on and on. You will not have a problem finding something you enjoy in this active, youthful college town.
The Spring Hill College Italy Center is not affiliated with the University of Bologna; however, as with many European universities, the University buildings, cafes and clubs are interwoven throughout the city. The Spring Hill College Italy Center is located within minutes of the University district. Students live, dine and intermingle with University of Bologna students residing in the surrounding neighborhoods.