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Alma Mater Residence Hall

Alma Mater Residence Hall


Camplus 2Camplus 7
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Camplus 3Camolus 4 Camplus 6One of the most exciting aspects of the Spring Hill College Italy Center is the opportunity for American students to share a community with a group of Italian college students. Very few study abroad programs in Italy offer this opportunity to live like a true Italian college student. It is cultural immersion at its absolute best.

The residence hall at University College, Collegio Alma Mater, offers services comparable to what students find in the most modern American campus residence halls.  All rooms (private, double or triples) have a view of a garden area, yet students live within minutes of the bustling University of Bologna District. Spring Hill College students either share a room with one or two fellow Americans who are also attending the Italy Center or can select the privacy of a single room.

The Collegio Alma Mater includes a conference hall, study rooms (with computers), a library with newspapers and periodicals, garden, private gym, laundry facilities, TV room, music room, and an outdoor basketball court. In the residence hall setting, students will be encouraged to participate in recreational activities and communal life initiatives, including dinners and athletic tournaments with Italian students. Approximately 100 Italian and a few European students reside at the Collegio Alma Mater each semester.

Visit the Photo Gallery of the Alma Mater to see a little of what campus looks like–you might be surprised at how similar it looks to the traditional American-style dorm.

The residence hall is staffed by an Italian team of student life professionals and provides a 24/7 receptionist. The grounds are secured with video surveillance day and night. The Alma Mater building is located in an area of town in which large numbers of students from the University reside