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Travel across Italy

A rich travel experience across Italy.

The Fall Semester program will offer school sponsored travel days all within Italy.  We will bring students to nooks and crannies of this remarkably diverse country, with the option to join another faculty led trip near the end of the semester.  The tours are all designed to comply with government regulations in light of the Covid-19 pandemic and are subject to change due to ongoing updates in policy.

Travel Tours included in program fees:

  • Venice – Art, Environment & Cultural Encounter (September 10-12)
  • Puglia Southern Italy – Social Justice Tour (October 3-8)
  • Apennines Mountains – Borgo Basino Folk School Ecovillage Farm (October 23-24)

Additional tours

  • Art History Day Tour – Parma (September 24)
  • Florence- Year of Dante (November 5)
  • Domodossola and the Alps- Optional Thanksgiving break tour (November 25-28, not included in program fees)


Orientation tour: Venice – Art & Classical Music Encounter

4715151316_deba6e8312_bVenice is a jewel and compares to no other city in the world.  Our tour will begin by meeting with activists to understand the impact of tourism and climate change, which are both bringing down this historic city. Time will also be set aside to explore Venice’s rich cultural history, including a guided tour of the 9th century Palazzo Ducale, which served as the seat of the Republic’s government.


Art History Day Tour – Parma

parmaParma is best known for its contributions to the world of food, but it also happens to be one Italy’s most beautiful cities known for its monuments, castles and art. The tour will be led by Italy Center’s Art Historian Piergiacomo Petrioli and our Italian Language professor Claudia Marulo.



Puglia Southern Italy – Social and Environmental Justice Tour 

IMG_2873Traveling to the heel of Italy, students will begin in Brindisi where they will hear from refuges about their lives surviving the treacherous journey across the Sahara Desert and the Mediterranean Sea.  The tour will also include meetings with the Libera NGO staff who have played a key role in advocating for justice in the region, and now, with the support of refugees themselves, manage fields that were once owned and controlled by the area’s mafia.  The tour will include a half-day hike in the Torre Guaceto Nature Reserve and perhaps the best food you will taste in all of Italy.

Apennines Mountains – Borgo Basino Folk School Ecovillage Farm            

borgo basino backyardBorgo Basino is a multifunctional farm located near Bologna. During the course of this environmentally-focused weekend students will learn about folk schools and the ecovillage movement.  Borgo Basino is part of a grassroots effort across the globe to create more holistic lifestyles which are good for humans and the planet.  Time will be set aside for hikes, workshops on environmental issues and hands on exploration of the farm. (All students will participate in a day long workshop, with Creighton Global Scholars remaining overnight for additional programming).

Art History and Literature Day Tour – Florence

DanteFlorence needs no introduction, as the internationally recognized birthplace of Italian art, language and culture. 2021 has been named “The Year of Dante” and so this tour will take in the sights of this famous city with a particular eye on one of its most famous native sons, exploring his work and references to important landmarks along the way.  The tour will be led by Italy Center’s Art Historian Piergiacomo Petrioli and English Professor of Italian Literature Lee Foust.


Optional Thanksgiving Break Tour – Domodossola and the Alps

This optional study tour to a restored village in the Italian Alps will include hands-on opportunities to work with locals learning traditional dry stone building techniques, as well as hikes and labs exploring the unique ecological and cultural heritage of the area.  This trip, available to a limited number of students and is not included in the standard travel fees, has always been one of the most popular visits off the beaten track in our last 5 years of collaboration with associations in the area.