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Tuition and Fees

Billable Costs

Students from schools other than Spring Hill College must speak directly with their study abroad advisor or office as these prices may differ. We may have a financial agreement in place with your school which may provide a discount and alter the way your financial aid transfers.

Applicants are encouraged to compare costs with other Italy study abroad centers, and you will find that the Spring Hill College Italy Center package offers a low price that includes an extensive list of services rarely found in one location. As a student, you need not worry about coordinating your travel, figuring out your meals, and other day-to-day needs that often make life abroad complicated (and more expensive). The Italy Center costs include:

Liberal arts curriculum, business courses, social justice courses, internships

Room and Board (Rooming costs vary according to placement)
24/7 security service and residence life staff; living in a residence hall with Italian students; fully modern room (built in 2009) shared with fellow American student(s); breakfast and dinner six days per week; room cleaning service; Internet access in room; private bathroom; private phone; computer lab(s); easy access to an English-speaking doctor; gymnasium; laundry room; small library; campus bar; music studio; view of park and recreational gardens; 5- to 10-minute walk to the historic district.

Social Justice Travel Fee

Social Justice travel includes a 2-3 day  orientation tour where students will get to know each other and the staff of the Italy Center. The travel fee also includes a 6-7 day mid semester social justice focused tour where students will deepen their understanding of life in Europe through encounters with the marginalized, historic site visits, lectures, and meetings with various non-governmental organizations.

For more information on the upcoming years tours, see travel with us

International Health Insurance
Students attending the Italy Center must purchase a supplemental international policy managed by the IC office in order to attend

Comprehensive Fee
Mandatory fee to offset administrative costs at the Collegio Alma Mater Resident Hall

Internship Fee
Required by the Italian Government in order to work as a Foreign Student

Summer Program Fees

**Contact the Italy Center office to find out the current specific costs of the program.**