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The Italy Center internship program offers students a unique opportunity to experience an international work environment at organizations with a social justice mission. Students who participate in the Internship program build valuable professional skills and gain work experience making their resumes more competitive on both the American and International Job market.

Student Testimonials from selected internships:

Angele Nickele, Regis University, Spring 2019 – Arte Migrante 


Arte Migrante is a social advocacy and integration organization created  in 2012 by students at Bologna University. Arte Migrante creates space for Italians and immigrants to come together to create art in many different forms. “Through my internship with Arte Migranti and Labratori Migranti I have become part of a unique and important community organizing model built on the use of the shared human experience to bring people together. Both places use shared vulnerability in gardening, song, and art to foster cultural exchange and community building. It has been a unique experience exposing me to a vast array of people bringing varying cultures from across Europe, Africa, and Asia.


 Lucia Reyes, Spring Hill College, Spring 2019 – Pilasto La Oficina 

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La Oficina is a technical/vocational school located in the largest migrant neighborhood of Bologna; Pilastro. La Oficina provides technical and vocational education to young people wanting to enter industries ranging from hospitality to engineering. “I volunteer at Pilastro with Marzia, a passionate teacher and social worker with over 12 years of experience in Bologna. At Pilastro, a heavily populated immigrant and refugee community, she has thoughtfully crafted a program where students can do homework, explore different interests through workshops, and enjoy being kids after school in a place they feel at home even though many are far away from it. I work with Tina, who is from a beautiful city called Sulaymaniyah, in Iraq. She would like to be an engineer when she is older. We are working on a project which she calls “The Women That Changed the World”.

Andrea Solis-Canto, Xavier University, Spring 2019 – Piazza Grande  


Piazza Grande Community Centers are open spaces for those on the margins. “I’ve had the privilege of interning at two of Piazza Grande’s community centers: The Happy Center and SCALO. At the Happy Center I help facilitate the Italian-English Tandem Conversation with diverse members of the Bologna community. At SCALO I provide support during the community laboratory hours. Although each center is different, they both share the common theme of working towards justice through community empowerment. Doing an internship abroad has pushed me out of my comfort zone and challenged me in more ways than I could have ever imagined. This internship has allowed me to learn and grow alongside people that have shown me the true meaning of solidarity rooted in community”

Elise DeFazio, University of San Francisco- Museum of Modern Art of Bologna (MAMbo)

elise (2)

The Museum of Modern Art of Bologna is a one of Italy’s premier museums for contemporary and modern art. It host both temporary and permanent exhibits from both Italian and international artists. “Working at MAMBo was a challenging and unique opportunity to be a part of the Bolognese community. From assisting in giving tours to working with student groups to opening exhibits, this internship taught me how a museum operates behind the scenes, and also showed me the importance of art in fostering community engagement. While at times it felt difficult to seamlessly fit into a new work environment in a foreign language, everybody who I had the privilege of working with was super welcoming and inspiring, and it was really good motivation to learn Italian! This was an invaluable experience, and I feel like I now have more insight into what sort of career I want to pursue.”