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Film & Art History

Art History & Film

The Italy Center offers two truly immersive academic courses. Both of these courses will push students to interact with the community of Bologna in ways that are only possible in Italy.

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The Film Study course explores the history and theories of documentary filmmaking. The course provides introductory theory as to documentary filmmaking. Students will view a range of human rights films as a backdrop to help each team to develop their own ideas for producing a short documentary. Click here to watch previous student films.




Art History

The Art History course at the Italy Center  intends to recreate and analyse the lively atmosphere present in Bologna during the renaissance period through the study of those works of art that more or less mirrored it. For this reason, a consistent part of the course will be made of visits that will allow the direct observation of paintings. Many lessons will be held in churches, palaces or museums in order to better understand for which context those works of art had been thought.