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Immerse yourself in the Italian community.

Get involved.

Make a difference.


*Below are courses highlighting social justice opportunities. Visit the Academic Offerings page for a full listing of courses by term.

The Spring Hill Italy Center offers a unique opportunity to think more deeply about social justice issues facing Italy, the broader Mediterranean area, and the world. Learn about Italy, practice your language and communication skills, and gain precious experience for your future by taking one or more of our 3-credit immersion courses:

  • FilmingART/CMM 253 – taught course in Communication art / digital video production. Students, with faculty members serving as supervisors, will be introduced to local issues and are asked to produce a short web documentary based on the needs of the community. Topics explored in the past have ranged from immigration, to environmental awareness, to social activism in promoting peaceful change.
  • SSC 295 – taught course in Social Science (Human Rights and Global Change). Half of the course will take place in seminar-like study in class; additionally, students will help make social justice and human rights a reality for those on the front lines of global change in Bologna: immigrants, refugees, trafficked persons, Roma (gypsies), and other minority groups.


  • HUM 490 – Internship (90 hours’ work placement). Students will work as interns in local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and/or community based service agencies (occasionally, with advanced planning, placements in the business sector and within arts agencies in the city have been arranged). With supervision by on-site experts, as well as Italy Center staff, students will be asked to produce a 10-page paper on their host organization, and their own experience as interns.
  • HUM 295community-based directed undergraduate research. Students will be asked to immerse themselves in the Italian community for an independent, personal research resulting in a 25-pages research paper. They will be encouraged to connect their projects to community issues or problems, and to integrate them with outside-of-school learning experiences. Supervision from on-site experts and Italy Center staff will be coordinated with further guidance from home campus (if possible).
  • HUM 295Scholarly undergraduate research. Students will attend seminars at the Johns Hopkins University SAIS Bologna Center – the European campus of the Washington, D.C. based Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies. With an eye to the reality of postgraduate studies, students will engage in a research project, directly related to the topics explored by Johns Hopkins faculty; they will write a 15-page paper on the proceedings of their research, and receive a final certificate of attendance from JHU.
  • Seminar project at the Johns Hopkins University SAIS Bologna Center – Students will attend minimum 3 seminars at JHU SAIS – the European campus of the Washington, D.C. based Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, and receive a final certificate of attendance. No academic credits will be awarded with this option.


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