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IC Announces the Summer 2012 Program!

The Italy Center has just recently announced their Summer 2012 program and all of the details are listed here.  Although the program was built off of the last year’s summer program, there have been a few changes made to the program. First of all, starting with Session I, the IC is offering a few more course options this year.  Students will be able to take all 6 of their language credits during one summer sessions (albeit during 6 hour language classes/day). Along with the new options, the IC has integrated two different travels options into two of the available courses.

Italy Center – SU 12 Flyer

Students that take the Organizational Business course will be required to partake in a five-day Outdoors/Leadership component in the Swiss Alps. Participants will be engaged in a variety of outdoor activities including whitewater rafting, rock climbing, and canyoning. The other course that boasts a travel component is the Environmental Ethics course. Students taking this course will visit the water city of Venice and use it as a two-day case study. The Italy Center has teamed up with the Italian equivalent of the EPA to create a very unique program to explore the impact that tourism, pollution, and population issues that are threatening the environment near and around Venice. Any student interested in global issues such a these are strongly encouraged to enroll in this unique class.

The best part of these travel components, however, is that as a session I student, regardless of what course(s) you take, you will have the option to pay the associated travel fees and join the other students on these unique travel experiences.

Session II remains mainly the same in terms of the traveling course to the Balkans with one minor change–they have removed the audit option that they offered last year. Similar to last year however, the students taking the Social Science course will travel into the Balkan Region and continue to do work in the Peace and Conflict Resolution arena. The Italy Center homepage features a piece from former student Matthew Zuppardo reflecting on his time while visiting the Srebrenica massacre site in Bosnia.